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My mission is for healthier educators... to help the amazing people who work with children bring joy & happiness into their own lives.  Teaching can be stressful, demanding work.  Educators are often givers.  Many put the needs of others ahead of their own.  I work to support, encourage, and guide educators as they develop healthier habits. 
The Healthier Educators Revolution!

I am a certified teacher.  

I have taught kindergarten to high school Algebra teacher with many stops in between!  I've even had the opportunity to combine my teaching experience and coaching experience as an Instructional Coach.  Many years have been at the elementary level in a variety of roles from classroom teacher, benchmark reading teacher, art teacher and substitute.  I have also taught middle school math, science and geography.  June 2020, during distance learning, I completed my 29th year in education!  This fall, I've stepped away from the classroom in search of way to be able to allow more time for coaching and supporting educators.

I am a wife and mother. 

I have been married to a wonderful man and educator since 1991!  Together, we have two amazing sons that are young adults - one teaching at the high school level and the other is student teaching at the elementary level.  We also have a double doodle!

I am a certified holistic health coach.

After many years of not thriving, struggling with many health issues including a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis in 2012, I decided I needed to make some changes.  I began a year long training just a couple months after my MS diagnosis to learn more about my own health and wellness.  With more coaching training over the next couple of years, I not only changed my own health and life, I discovered a great joy in helping others improve their lives by developing healthier habits.  

I am a Healthier Educators Expert.

It has become my passion to help educators live healthy, happy lives.  In 2016 I developed and piloted a wellness program for educators.  The experience was amazing!  The feedback confirmed by belief that many educators are in search of support, encouragement and direction.  If YOU need this type of help, please check out how to work with me so we can get started right away.  With help, you can find time to take care of yourself, feel great and still be an amazing teacher!

I am the Founder of The Healthier Educators Revolution!

It is my mission to have our educators be healthier.  I think we know that there is a need for change.  Educators - all of you wonderful people working with students - are stressed, over-worked, tired, often overwhelmed and sick.  It is time to for change.  Join the discussion.  Get support.  Let's get things moving. 

Check out these testimonials from participants.

I know how hard educators work to help children everyday.  Most educators are givers - they are constantly giving of themselves to their students, their school, their own families, and their community,

often not leaving much time or energy left for themselves.  

I firmly believe that learning to take time for oneself, actually putting your own needs ahead of others (some of the time), will allow one to be able to give more,  do more, have more energy, and find more joy!


Live better.  Teach better.

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Jill Shreve

Healthier Educators Expert

Shreve Health Coaching

Tel: 541.974.4935

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