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What Healthier Educators are Saying...

Participating in the Healthier Habits for Educators has given me TIME to work on improving MY health little bits at a time.  Jill is so knowledgeable, understanding and helpful. She makes it easy to be REAL.  I've started looking at food more for nourishment than for emotional satisfaction. Meal planning has been another good change I've made!  My mindset is more positive. My self-talk is more positive which makes me calmer and less overwhelmed. 

- Jen Berklund, 2nd Grade Teacher

This program isn't about absolutes. You give us information and reminders and that it is ok to take baby steps. I feel like the likelihood of maintaining some of the changes that I am making will be achievable over the long-term.

Jill encourages us to take the pieces that work for us individually. She always gives us things to think about and apply and supports us where we are. As I feel success with small changes I am encouraged to add another step.

Having coworkers supporting each other has been wonderful and helps me keep my focus.

Some of the reminders that I am good at coaching others, kids, but haven't been good about applying it to myself.  I feel the changes impacting me daily. My self-talk is improving and more consistent. I have even gotten my husband to making a few changes to help his health - by his choice!  Jill, you are terrific! I have enjoyed this class very much. I have loved this time with you and believe it was time well spent.

- Dee Smith, Elementary Behavior Support Specialist

It's all in the title, really "healthier habits".  This is really more than just a weight loss program. I've felt that it’s about becoming a more, well-rounded human with better overall health.  I mostly enjoy learning how to make small shifts that gain larger momentum. Adding to my habits not changing my habits.

I've shifted breakfast, which has lead to more energy. This has also helped me to be more prepared for my students each day. Additionally, I am full until lunch! I've cut out caffeine (the occasional coffee) and more notably, Redbull.

Getting to authentically know the staff has been a huge benefit as I didn't know much about them before meeting as a group. It's changed my life for a more sustainable life whereas before it was a more "crash and burn" lifestyle. I feel more happy and lighter in my own skin. I couldn't have done this on my own.

- Rachelle Bell, 3rd Grade Teacher

I have enjoyed being rejuvenated through changing my story and incorporating foods that I used to enjoy back into my diet.  I am my own worst critic. The negative story and reel I had going on in my head was so destructive. Through changing my story and stress reduction techniques I feel like a new person.

I am drinking smoothies for breakfast, added in snacks that have high protein and have learned to relax. To top it off I've lost 6 lbs. It’s so easy.  I feel lighter and have more energy. I am able to handle situations that would have caused me great stress in the past. By rewriting many stories in my life I am able to manage my stress.  Thank you for making a difference in my life.

- Jaimie Schep, School Counselor

By participating in this wellness program, I’ve gained a new perspective on health and balance in a supportive group. There is so much more to nutrition than just what you eat. Emotions and stress are such a part of it for me that this is a necessary piece.  Jill is such a gentle and positive person. I know she is working on her own path to balance so it is nice to hear her advice.  I love the change your story part. I have put this to practice along with clearing my life of stressful clutter and activities. I know I have a way to go but taking a few steps is liberating.

I find myself not bringing school stress home and working more on self care.

- Leslie Carroll, Kindergarten Teacher

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