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Inservice/Professional Development

Special Offer

Combine both trainings

Positive Mindset for Educators & Overcome Overwhelm 

for a special discount! 

A fantastic opportunity for teacher inservice week!

Staff Training 
Distance Learning Focus
Positive Mindset for Educators45-60 minutes

When your staff returns for the year, they are all coming with different mindsets, expectations, experiences, and beliefs.  Many spend some of their own time (summer, weekends, evenings) at school setting up classrooms and preparing lessons, while some will show up on the first day of in-service and are only at school during the required time.  Some are new to teaching while others are veterans.  While many are looking forward to the next break, most are excited to be at school.   Everyone is different and approaches the job and each day in their own way, some positive and some not so much.

When you add in the challenges of teaching from home, helping your own children learn while teaching others, technology issues, and much more, our thoughts and feelings about teaching can quickly become less than positive. 

What if they took 45 minutes of their time during the in-service week, a staff meeting, or professional development time to consciously create a positive mindset statement for themselves?  By learning to become aware of their old thoughts and words and using a statement of what they do want to have in their classroom, their teaching, their life they can create both a positive feeling and experience.


Why do you need to spend time on creating a positive mindset?


While there is excitement and energy at the start of the year, there are often old stories and stress at the beginning as well.  Many times we hear educators say things along these lines...

"I'm so busy.  I don't have time to get it all done."

"I'm so stressed out.  We don't even have our class lists yet."

"I heard this class is a real challenging group.  I hope we can have a good year."

"I can't believe how much time we have to spend in meetings.  I just need to be in my room and get things ready."

Or even on a more personal level...

"I hope I can handle the year.  I have so many things to juggle with my own kids, my health, etc."

"Last year was so exhausting and stressful.  Do I have the energy for this?"

"I can't wait til break.  Only 10 more days and I can rest and relax."


Jill is offering a 45-60 minute training session with your staff to help them develop or improve on their own positive mindset.  She will walk them through the process of identifying what they want for the year, how to become aware of the limiting or even negative thoughts and words that keep them from having it, and how to consciously create a positive statement that will begin to impact how they think and feel that will shift their experience in the days and weeks to come.  

This includes limited support for staff through email.

Currently available - $145
Staff Training 
Overcome Overwhelm45-60 minutes

When your staff returns for the year, they all have a list of things to do a mile long. Sitting in a training isn't usually high on their list!  However, this training is different.  The main purpose is to help them get a handle on their "to-do's" for back to school AND the rest of the year!

What if they took 45 minutes of their time during the in-service week or early in the year at a staff meeting or professional development time to get clear on the many tasks they have to do - every day, once a week, once a month, twice a year, and so on - and created a schedule to plan for the work that needs to be done?


By looking ahead at the work that needs to be done, they can get clear on what time they have and when they are going to do the work.  Trying to keep it all in their head or in a back to school binder on the shelf is a recipe for overwhelm.  Forgetting about something or not realizing it is a responsibility that they need to be doing starts to feel like "just one more thing".  Overwhelm creeps in.  Stress increases.


This training will include the use of positive mindset statements.  While the Positive Mindset for Educators training is helpful with this, it is not a prerequisite for the Overcome Overwhelm training.


While there is excitement and energy at the start of the year, many teachers are overwhelmed and often unclear of the many tasks (in addition to actually teaching) that they need to accomplish and by when.  This is a great opportunity for grade levels to work together to brainstorm the task lists.  This in itself could cause great overwhelm.  However, the second part of this training involves creating a schedule, almost like a lesson plan for the tasks. 

Main Focus:

The What - Identifying Tasks 

The How - Categorizing Tasks

The When - Creating a Schedule

The Who - Coordinating Tasks with Others


Jill is offering a 45-60 minute training session with your staff to help them decrease stress and overwhelm by identifying and planning for the many tasks that need to be done.  She will help them select a positive statement to help them feel successful at managing the tasks and the planning for them.

Currently available - $145

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