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Work with Jill

Individual Session
30 minutes  |  $ 50

Private Coaching

Live better.  Teach better.

Looking for personal, individualized support?

Do you struggle with having the energy you need to feel your best each day at work?  


Do you feel exhausted when you get home?

Does teaching all day leave you

feeling stressed?

Looking for more JOY & HAPPINESS in your day?

What if I told you there was a better way?

Want help?

Live better.  Teach better.  

Get the support you need!

Private, one on one coaching with Jill Shreve, certified teacher and certified holistic health coach, will help you to identify what you want, what is getting in the way, and steps to successfully start implementing habits to reach your outcomes!

Coaching is a phone or skype session. 

In person sessions are options for local clients.

The sessions are available to give coaching a try. 

However, coaching packages are available

for more sessions! 

Contact Jill to set up a no cost -15 minute

phone consult session if you want any more information or to discuss if working together in some way could help you

thrive for the remainder of the school year!

Or you can book it now:


Special Package
60 minutes  |  $97
+ Email Support
+ 30 minute follow up
Individual Session
60 minutes  |  $ 75
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