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Small Heading

This program isn't about absolutes. You give us information and reminders and that it is ok to take baby steps. I feel like the likelihood of maintaining some of the changes that I am making will be achievable over the long-term.

Jill encourages us to take the pieces that work for us individually. She always gives us things to think about and apply and supports us where we are. As I feel success with small changes I am encouraged to add another step.

Having coworkers supporting each other has been wonderful and helps me keep my focus.

Some of the reminders that I am good at coaching others, kids, but haven't been good about applying it to myself.  I feel the changes impacting me daily. My self-talk is improving and more consistent. I have even gotten my husband to making a few changes to help his health - by his choice!  Jill, you are terrific! I have enjoyed this class very much. I have loved this time with you and believe it was time well spent.

- Dee Smith, Elementary Behavior Support Specialist

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